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About Us

UNITED HUMAN RESOURCE (UHR) a revolutionary non-confessional humanitarian social organization that came into existence in the summer of 2001 is dedicated to launching Human Resource Developmental activities associated with environmental and socioeconomic issues in India. The specific objective of UHR is to constitute the Eco-friendly Spiritually Scientific Education System to impart vocational and technical training in Natural Resource Management to enable individuals to tackle their environment everyday and ensure their survival, sustenance and prosperity. The Eco-friendly Spiritually Scientific Educational Project of UHR will also provide General Education in an environmental context to promote the overall aspects of daily life - Practical, Social, Moral, Aesthetic and Intellectual.

The UHR is Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, Registration Number: RS/KAM/240/0/403 of 2002 – 2003, with its Registered Office at: 21, Bhaskargiri, Kharghuli, Guwahati - 781004, Assam, India.

The ISSWAR International was founded in 2010 is the only sister concern of the ‘United Human Resource’ and is a non-profit or community organization that serves as a communication platform that enable people of different countries to share their thoughts and experiences and work together for human development of multi cultural care facilities for the underprivileged.

Pranab Saikia is the Founder Director of the UHR and ISSWAR International. After seeing his achievements as the Director of the United Human Resource, The Director of Assam Tourism has instructed all departments of Govt. of Assam including the Department of Tourism to co-operate with his organization by extending their help and all the required assistance in order to make his venture a grand success.

Dr. P. K. Choudhuri, Adviser to the Chief Minister of Assam, has stated that through ‘ISSWAR International’, the sister concern of the United Human Resource, an endeavour is being made to revive the human qualities and international understanding among mankind, so that a better quality of life can be lived across the frontiers – physical and mental.

The Development Commissioner Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India has issued a Photo Identity Card to him which entitles to participate in any exhibitions conducted by the said department anywhere in India and also to receive a tour allowance once in a year as well as to conduct Training Camps for the promotions of traditional arts and crafts.

Ever since childhood Pranab Saikia has been interested and deeply involved with various Social, Cultural and Political organizations. He has coordinated and promoted awareness about care programs for disadvantaged children fostering responsible childcare and education in multicultural contexts for a long time. He has personally founded and managed an NGO with the aim of educating people about the grave problem of corruption.

Keeping the goal of his life in mind, to make the public aware of the grave problem facing the human family today and also to investigate deep into the matter, he entered inside the community deeply and presently developing a Spiritually Scientific Educational Package for the general development of the Human Resource Capacities based on ‘Humanism and Moral values’, ‘Spiritual Wisdom’, ‘Attitude Management’, and the ‘Natural Laws of Success’ aimed at providing quality education to promote the overall aspects of daily life - Practical, Social, Environmental, Moral, Aesthetic and Intellectual to prepare for becoming a responsible citizen in order to raise awareness about the deteriorating condition of the Universe and its consequence on Humanism. Devoting to the interest of the Human Development is not simply His passion it is his life challenge. Throughout the years his confidence and optimism have strengthened. He knows that he can make a difference by working together with people.

Pranab Saikia is Managing Human Resource Capacities in a planned, scientific and sustained manner subject to realization of the required goal of the organization. He has promoted Rural Artisans and North-eastern heritage Arts and Crafts in National platforms with the sponsorship of the Govt. of India. He has organized and managed relief and rehabilitation camps for flood and Malaria affected areas and also directed various awareness programs on health, environment and sustainable development. He can read, write and speaks English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, and also able to speaks Nepali, Nagamese and Kannada. He travelled major portion of India and Nepal.

We welcome one and all who are deeply concerned with the grave situation of Nature and Humanity and would like to widen their scope of vision and multicultural understanding through travelling, to join his Mission in Earth with the interest of Global Family.

More info at www.isswarinternational.com and http:unitedhumanresource.free.fr