Wake up! Early Education Centre

  • Khomas

About Us

The Wake up! Early Education Centre is a non-profit Montessori centre built with donor funding which caters for the care and education of young children. The centre is governed by a Namibian Trust with the aim of promoting and supporting early childhood development and education in Namibia.

In Namibia, schooling for children in the age group 2-5 is left to the private initiative of churches, NGOs, communities and individuals. However it is in these early years that the groundwork needs to be done for all the learning that is to come, so that in primary school a child can develop to his/her full potential.

The children attending the centre come from the residential area around the centre and from an informal settlement or shanty nearby. About a third of them can be considered vulnerable: they are children from single parents, handicapped parents and single mums or grandmothers without a job or with hardly a job. All our parents and guardians pay some school fees but the amount is set according to income.

We depend on support from local and international donors and volunteers to keep our Centre running and affordable.