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About Us

We organize internships for volunteers who wish to work in community development projects anywhere in Kenya i.e. rural and remote areas, suburban and urban areas to offer voluntary services as they learn. We will help link them up with the right Organizations/firm. We have partner organizations to take up volunteers from as short time as a month to a year. Both short term and long term volunteers are all welcomed. We also organize exceptional rural home stay attachments with local families. Technical and non technical volunteers are needed. If you want to put your theoretical work into practical, visit Africa, do your thesis work, etc this is an opportunity for you. Monitoring and evaluation of project will be done by our staffs. Types of Voluntary Work There are various kinds of work you can participate in depending on the specific requirements of the community and work camp you will be deployed in. Below is a list of what category you may choose; 1. Agriculture- for example, fruit picking, farming, land maintenance etc. 2. Renovation- for example, cultural halls, community centres, schools etc. 3. Social Work- for example, refugees, handicapped, elderly, women, children etc. 4. Construction- for example, public facilities, schools, mills, buildings etc. 5. Environmental- for example, rivers, lakes, canals, animals, fauna and flora etc. 6. Teaching programmes 7. Medical programmes