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About Us

Amazing Kids! is an educational children's non-profit organization and website (

Our mission is to inspire excellence in children and help them realize their amazing potential.

We believe that all children have the potential to be "amazing." It is our job, and the job of other caring, responsible adults to help them discover and nurture their own unique potential.

Through using positive "success stories" of kids and their amazing accomplishments, we hope to educate and inspire other kids to get involved in positive activities in their lives, so they too can become the next "Amazing Kids."

Our website features the following programs:

1. Amazing Kids! of the Month - featuring true stories about real-life amazing kids. Kids and adults can nominate an amazing kid or kids they know for recognition on the Amazing Kids!' website

2. Amazing Kids! PenPals program - an international literacy-based, traditional letter writing program connecting kids from around the globe with a new friend and pen pal.

3. Amazing Kids! Contests - Creative, educational and fun contests offering winners prizes, recognition, mentors and more!

4. Amazing Kids! Magazine - an award-winning online magazine written by kids and teens; voted one of the top 24 "Great Web Sites for Kids" by the American Library Association (ALA) in 2010!

We hope our work will inspire other adults to take up the cause, and use this strategy for helping inspire children in their own lives. Together, we can help create a whole new generation of lifelong achievers!

Amazing Kids! - Helping Kids Realize Their Potential and Launch Their Dreams!