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About Us

Fair Observer aims to inform and educate global citizens of today and tomorrow. We focus on the deeper issues behind the news, provide context and bring together perspectives from around the world. Already, we have more than 1,500 contributors from over 40 countries and former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton is an adviser. We are unique in publishing voices from both Tehran and Tel Aviv. Anyone can publish with us from any part of the world. We are democratizing and globalizing discourse regarding world affairs. Our big challenge is disseminating knowledge to those who yearn for it.

The social impact we aim for is increased citizen engagement with the key issues of our times. By engagement we mean that citizens spend more time reading, thinking, discussing and doing something about they care about. It could be writing to a Congressman or buying art from another country or simply walking more.

We believe that democracy thrives when citizens are informed and educated. At a time when long form content and deep analysis is declining, we are focusing on rigorous and thoughtful articles and multimedia content. We are also conducting workshops, seminars and Socratic Sessions in high schools and universities, including Palo Alto High School and MIT.