Bay Colony Shakespeare Company

  • Massachusetts


444 Main Street
United States

About Us

Our organization’s mission is to produce dynamic, engaging, and inspirational productions for students and theatre-goers of all ages, backgrounds and communities.

Our Vision

BCSC is dedicated to bringing the greatest stories of the ages to the people. Our vibrant and vivid productions reflect the rich tapestry of life, with the hope that audiences will walk away from our work inspired and invigorated. No matter whatever and wherever they come from, they will leave our productions a little wiser, kinder, braver and more hopeful in the challenges to come. Our belief is grounded in the idea that all parts equal the whole – from our actors, directors, crew and designers, to all of our audiences. Furthermore, we believe that the company is truly one being, dedicated to the growth of us all through the transformative powers of experiencing the works of the world’s greatest authors.

We are a full 501 (c)3 and incorporated as a registered Massachusetts non-profit