The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

  • NY


120 Madsion Avenue
New York
United States

About Us

Founded in 1884, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is the first conservatory for actors in the English-speaking world. The Academy is an accredited, degree-granting institution with campuses in Los Angeles and New York. With an unmatched history and rich legacy, the Academy honors its past while continually striving to maintain its place at the forefront of training and creativity. 

Our Vision

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts upholds truth as the intangible force that inspires art in its highest form. The Academy has long understood that when a performer is classically trained and supported as an individual, something astounding happens. The education ignites passion and encourages an environment for the actor to find their deepest potential, empowering truth with each new performance. Beyond the training, this intimate connection to the craft creates a powerful bond with audiences, uplifting the human spirit and profoundly enriching our world for generations to come.