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About Us

The NiteStar Program/STAR Theatre is a special project of the Center for Comprehensive Care at St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital Center which provides important and relevant health information to youth using a non-threatening approach. In compelling, unforgettable fashion, The NiteStar Program/STAR Theatre addresses the difficult decisions and situations faced by young people, clarifying issues, changing attitudes and promoting healthy behaviors.

The NiteStar Program/STAR Theatre founded in 1988 by Executive Director Dr. Cydelle Berlin, Ph.D., offers a range of programs aimed at helping young people confront the realities of HIV infection and AIDS, as well as a host of other sexual and social issues. NiteStar uses drama and peer education to help guide pre-adolescents, adolescents and young adults as they confront the many challenges growing up in the age of AIDS. The interactive musical theater productions focus on relevant issues including decision-making, communication and empowerment, safer sex, racism, substance use, homosexuality and intimate partner violence.