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1977 South Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles
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About Us

Our mission is to connect urban youth and military veterans with wilderness education experiences that foster personal growth.

By acting upon our values-- Wilderness, Youth, Leadership, and Diversity - we aim to connect youth and veterans to different paths. We emphasize experiential education, mentorship, service-learning, and connecting individuals cross-culturally, working primarily alongside youth and veterans.

  • WILDERNESS - sustainability - We are united by the shared responsibility to foster environmental stewardship and to create alternative, healing experiences outside the normal urban context.Through nature WYLD seeks to promoteopportunity forthe examination and exposure of new places (internally and externally) to discover and to create realizations through direct experiences and understanding
  • YOUTH - WYLD recognizes that each youth and veteran maintains inherent potential and capability to attain and maintain a thriving life. And that youth is not just a stage in life, but also a mentality of play, health, empathy, inclusion and fun. We seek to develop a confident understanding of who they are and what they are capable of achieving. 
  • LEADERSHIP - we believe that leadership carries a significant civic engagement component and is service focused, being other-focused. We believe that youth prosper in meaningful mentor relationships that value leadership, instill compassion, inspire hope and provide a positive role-model for support, guidance, and to help students achieve their personal and academic best.
  • DIVERSITY - WYLD desires to facilitate positive community connections in the neighborhoods where we live and through through the development of cultural awareness. To provide experiences that show the world, events and actions to be interrelated and interdependent.