Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force

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200 S. Orange Avenue
Suite 2600
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About Us

The mission of the task force is to provide a human-rights based, victim centered community

forum and mechanism to combat all aspects of human trafficking in the greater Orlando

area through coordination of public awareness, education and involvement and the creation

of formalized alliances and partnerships of local, state and federal agencies and

organizations, including law enforcement, social service agencies, faith-based and

community groups, immigrant outreach programs, and health care and legal assistance


The mission of the task force will be achieved through the establishment of a seamless

continuum of services for potential and identified human trafficking victims across the full

range of social, medical and legal needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner

possible, consistent with best practices in the human trafficking field.

The task force will facilitate the efforts of the many groups and constituencies in the greater

Orlando area focused on human trafficking issues to deploy community resources in a

manner which encourages groups and individuals to work together for the greatest good of

the community, its residents and visitors.