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About Us

The organization AGIZO SEED MINISTRY (ASM) was established to promote two fold objectives thus promote the WORD of God for Spiritual growth and in DEED for Holistic development, for empowerment of the vulnerable people in the society who are facing difficulty situations due to hardship of life.because of Poverty, Poor Environment, Poor Community Health. As such the number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), widows, youth out of school, single mothers has increases without hope.

Awareness on HIV/AIDS, Drug and substance Abuse (DSA),

Awareness and screening of Cancer, especially Breast and Cervical

Healthcare through Mobile Clinics

Water Development ant Sanitation

Promote Business as Mission thus Discipling Marketplace Leaders for societal transformation and self reliance for Livelihood

 Industries development for promotion of resource maximum utilization and exploitation job opportunities

Prevention and Rehabilitation of Disability

Peace building and reconciliation for harmony living

Mission work and Church planting

The organization sees great opportunity in the society for improving the development welfare of the People in general when they hungry cannot see the goodness of God in His creation.

We believe when we facilitate Development of projects and the nurturing of the word, development becomes complete. For the program to effective and efficient we need volunteers for joint venture development.