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About Us

Cultivating Austin by Connecting People, Art & Community.

... art matters. Art shifts boundaries and bridges cultures. Goo art awakens the everyday to the potential for great beauty.

TIPS On Art is a not-for-profit arts-based service organization. We seek to grow and connect the Austin art community with the everyday lives of the people in it. Austin's heart and soul has always been creative, if not a little untamed. As a community we have yet to cultivate these passions and give them a place to flourish. We have a "scene" but we are still struggling to have a culture. Art has the power to communicate to all kinds of people on many different levels ... to enlighten, to raise up, to connect. We think Austin is ready for this enlightenment, and we have a plan.

Current Programs Include:

Summer Youth Art Camp ... this is where we inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and shape definition of being good community stewards through their art and actions! We introduce working artists to campers who share their inspirations and work with the kids to create in that essence. Artistic skills are explored, ZeroLandfill upcycling principles and KIND concepts become the baseline for all that moves the creative outcomes the kids produce ... pure magic!

Exhibit Program ... this is where we help local visual artists show off their amazing talents and help build connections with the local business community ... amazing things happen here!

Learning Library Segments ... these are artist telling their own stories ... the journey that has led them to being passionate about what they do. We have found that when you share your story or the story of someone you believe in, the ripple effect of support and understanding is a powerful tool! So checkout our segments on You Tube or on our website ... ... and help build the possibilities!

Not a program, but a long term vision, we are committed to is a facility where cummunity created and community consumed become a new standard for development. Check out our facility vision on the website ... and if you are so moved, come join us in empowering of new way being in Austin, Texas! We welcome you.