The Keystone Center

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1628 Sts. John Road
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About Us

Founded in 1975, The Keystone Center is an independent nonprofit organization that brings together public, private, and civic sector leaders. We provide mediation and facilitation services that incorporate innovative decision-making methods. The result: action-oriented, sustainable solutions to complex energy, environmental, and public health issues.

OUR MISSION Bringing together today's leaders to create solutions to society's pressing challenges.

OUR VISION A future in which people share in the ownership of society’s challenges and work together to find solutions.

OUR CORE VALUES The work of The Keystone Center embodies the following values:

Independence – Resolutely unbiased and impartial in understanding and seeking solutions to society's most difficult challenges.

Inquiry – Employing critical thinking and the scientific method to inspire curiosity, cultivate knowledge, and reach better informed decisions.

Inclusiveness – Convening and empowering individuals and bridging ideological and political divisions through dialogue, collaboration and consensus building.

Innovation – Creatively engaging ideas, technology, and people in all we do to understand and meet emerging and complex challenges.

Impact – Achieving enduring outcomes for the current generation and building capacity in the next generation of collaborative, creative, and informed leaders.