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About Us

Spring Reins of Life (SROL)

Spring Reins of Life (Horses, Humans & Healing) is a non-profit 501c3 organization. We are an EAGALA Model* certified program offering Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) which incorporates the use of horses for emotional, behavioral and mental health intervention promoting hope, healing and life changing coping skills for veteran & youth trauma survivors in New Jersey.

Spring Reins of Life (SRoL) is a public charity in Central NJ. Founded in 2012 we have served hundreds of veteran and youth trauma survivors since opening our doors. SRoL is a volunteer run organization which enables us to allocate nearly all of our funding toward programming expenses and providing services. Our core populations served are: Combat Veterans with PTSD (Operation Horse), At Risk/High Risk Teens, and Children's Bereavement (Pony Pals - ages 5-10yrs old). http://www.springreinsoflife.org

SRoL has been working with veterans from all PTSD units at Lyons VA hospital since 2012 to present. We also offer a bi-monthly open group to local veterans struggling with PTSD. SRoL has provided services to numerous teen organizations in New Jersey and NYC with great success. SRoL works in partnership with Good Grief, Inc. to provide services to their 6-9 yo age groups. The special Herd of horses at SRoL has been changing and saving lives on a continual basis...and it is our mission to continue doing so.

In 2014 SRoL earned the specialized certification "Military Services Provider" and has maintained the requirements to keep this certification current each year since. We are the first and currently only program in New Jersey and 1 of 17 in the United States to hold this award.

Want to Volunteer?:

SRoL is always welcoming of volunteers, you and private donors are our lifeline. We seek volunteer help on many levels of committment and also skill-sets. Some examples include: Fundraising, Donations, Event Planning, Farm Work (weekends), Horse Care (weekdays/evenings), Advisory Boards, Community Support, Outreach/Awareness, Graphics, and more...

If you think you can fit in with our team and help us to "trot on" - please contact us!

info@springreinsoflife.org 347-886-2798

*EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association). The EAGALA Model certifies programs to work in this method. Currently there are programs in all 50 states and in over 50 countries worldwide.


Spring Reins of Life is dedicated to promoting psychological healing, emotional well-being and personal growth using the skills of mental health professionals and the assistance of horses. For thousands of years there has been a unique bond between humans and horses, it is our mission to enhance and leverage this bond to reach those individuals who are suffering from the effects of trauma, loss, drug addiction and/or the combined stressors and obstacles set forth by either circumstance or societal confines.