Pura Suerte de Costa Rica


Costa Rica

About Us

The Goal at Pura`Suerte is to create a nonprofit educational environment that is both self-sustained and far-reaching. It’s location in the mountains of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica make it ideal for developing a model of “Sustainability” that benefits local-communities, visiting volunteers, and tourists.

Who is Pura Suerte-

Pura Suerte began breaking ground in the Summer of 2000. Since then a group of young, educated pioneers has created a center where ideas can be exchanged and practiced to promote a better environment.

The project now sustains a constant flow of volunteers, tourists and neighbors who are all interested in learning and encouraging organic lifestyles

Finca de Pura Suerte 2200 ft above the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica l50 acres of Reforestation, Organic Permaculture, Fruit Orchards, and traditional tropical agriculture. 2 Greenhouses plus 10 acres of organic gardens helps provide food for guests and volunteers. Teaching organic gardening to the local school, ages ranging 6-14. Extensive reforestation, native hardwoods, fruits and bamboo. Practicing many forms of green-building and furniture. Working with locals on conservation projects, and sparking local economies Providing knowledge on organic techniques, along with beautiful surrounding, daily sunsets on the ocean, great proximity to the ocean, and the best waterfalls. Outstanding food too. Check out the website at www.PuraSuerte.com