Biodynamic Organic Farming & Sustainable Agriculture Service Pvt.. Ltd

About Us

My main INTEREST is to establish a Project/ Joint Venture Organic Exchange Program to educate and help Nepalese Farmers –TO GO ORGANIC. As well as I wish to establish an Organic Awareness (Educational) Institution by our Bilateral Venture/Efforts. And for this, we need to start both practical and theoretical awareness programs too.

So, Can we start either –(1)International Organic Exchange /Training Programs by Placing the Young Nepalese Farmers at Organic Host Farms OR-(2) Establish a joint venture On-farm Organic Farming Demonstration Project Program here in Nepal to educate Nepalese Farmers for Sustainability as well as bring Foreign Trainees/Visitors to Nepal too as an Inbound Programs ? (My Second but Prioritized Interest)

Please do let me know about it and I would love to get more information or suggestions regarding the matters for the Organic Practices and the movements in NEPAL.

There is also a VITAL DEMAND for the Organic Vegetable/Fruits and Food Crops.

Finally, my goal will be to move towards Bio-Dynamic Organic Farming System to educate Nepalese Farmers about Bio-diversity and its Holistic Management in the Farm when we entirely all set for the Organic Farming Practices.