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About Us

We believe all people, regardless of socio-economic status should be treated with dignity and respect, and have the opportunities to timely access of quality social services free from harassment, embarrassment and shame. We value new and innovative approaches to bridge gaps in services and make cost-effective change in children, families’ and individuals’ lives. DfC creates programs to address the needs of low to moderate income by empowering individuals and families in building a foundation of financial stability and growth.4

Dreams for Change major focus is on finding new and innovative approaches to on-going and newly emerging homeless issues. We regard innovation as something that does not something that is with a goal of making positive effective change. A new face of transitional homelessness began to appear in increasing numbers in San Diego at the start of the economic recession. Transitional homelessness differs from chronic homelessness in such the major causes to transitional homelessness are medical bankruptcy, unemployment, foreclosures, poor credit, and high housing cost whereas chronic homelessness major causes are mental illness, substance abuse and disability.