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About Us

The Bi Writers Association (BWA) is the foremost voice promoting bi writers, bi books and bisexual writing in America. We work to educate about bisexuality, educate the media on how to properly report on bisexuality and advocate for bi-inclusion. We work to support all arts and artists expressing bisexual themes in their work. We're working to put the “B” in LGBT.

Bisexual Book Awards celebrates and rewards excellence in books with bisexual characters, bisexual storylines, bisexual subject matter or bisexual themes, and the authors who write them. Bisexual Book Awards is a project of theBi Writers Association.

Bi Lines: A Multi-Arts Celebration of Bisexual Writing is BWAs primary annual event, now combined with the Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony. Writers of bisexual books for the past year are invited to read from their works, alternating with live music and art presentations or a theater performance, followed by the Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony. Bi Lines VII & the 2nd Annual Bisexual Book Awards will be held May 31, 2014.

BWA has organized other events, including the National Summit on "Putting the 'B' in LGBT," which hosted representatives from most major LGBT organizations; The Bi Eye on Queer Film, a program of bi-themed short films; and Words on Wings, a benefit concert of bisexual music headlined by Rachael Sage.

The Bi Writers Association successfully lobbied the Lambda Literary Awards(Lammy Awards) to add awards for bisexual books. In 2006, a Bisexual award category was added, after 18 years without one. In 2009, due to BWA's tireless effort to get bisexual books nominated, our goal of having two bisexual book award categories was achieved: there are now two Lammy Awards for bisexual books: Bisexual Fiction and Bisexual Nonfiction.

Bi Writers Networking Email List: The Bi Writers Association hosts an email list for bi writers to network with each other to provide advice and feedback on writing, getting published, promoting books, submitting their books for awards etc. We circulate Calls for Submissions to our writers sent to us by publishers and editors.

Bisexual column on BWA founder Sheela Lambert has a column on which reports on bisexuality in books, films, theater, music, TV, news, media, history, society and culture. Bisexual books and authors are reviewed and interviewed that are ignored by mainstream, and even gay, media.

BWA Media Guide to Bisexuality and Reporting on LGBT Issues is a guide for journalists, LGBT organizations and political offices when reporting on or putting out a press release on bisexual or LGBT issues.

Website: The Bi Writers Association website offers many resources for bi writers, readers and those seeking information about bisexuality. We hope to update and improve our website so it can be an even more valuable resource for the community.

The Bi Writers Association is an all-volunteer community organization.