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Mission statement Focus on identifying the needs of immigrant African women and their families, providing information on how to utilize available resources and assist with basic human needs using public donations , community volunteers to deliver those needs. The harambee spirit's intention is to improve the standard of living of these immigrant African women and their families. How will this Harambee Spirit nonprofit Corporation benefit immigrant women and their families? By utilizing specialized volunteers who are ready to lend a hand when it comes to personal, health, legal and financial needs. By becoming a link between immigrant women and their families and available community resources. Harambee was introduced by the Great Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. By using Harambee ‘the spirit of giving’ he was able to develop a third world country to what it is today. By incorporating in our lives today, the Harambee Spirit’s way of thinking, Africans in US can aid each other attain a higher standard of living and offer each other the support we all need in times of hardship or joy.