Reach Out NGO

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About Us

Reach Out was founded in 2008 with the mission of cultural exchange and capacity building in Egypt.

Reach Out aims to facilitate cultural exchange between Egyptians and foreigners in order to build a more multicultural and interconnected atmosphere within local communities. There are several facets to the Reach Out program. We provide everything interactive workshops to internship placement for students with other NGOs and organizations in Cairo. As language is the key to every culture, the Integrated Human Development Center (IHDC) language program was our first project and is constantly evolving to fit the needs of those who have joined it. As Egypt becomes more globalized, English is becoming increasingly important for the job market. Candidates who retain some knowledge of the English and other languages are eligible for a greater range of employment opportunities. Through IHDC, Reach Out offers Egyptians the opportunity to learn foreign languages directly from volunteer native speakers at a very low cost. Through providing vital language instruction services to Egyptians and foreign-born residents alike, Reach Out is able to create an environment of greater cultural understanding.

To encourage a deeper level of cultural exchange, Reach Out also offers programs for art and music exchange, amongst others, in order to encourage our students to educate each other on their respective cultures.

Through our litany of programs, we strive to push our students to understand, accept and integrate with each other. Our goal is to establish an essential critical dialogue between cultures, which in turn, will build a strong bridge between them.