Jagruk Nagarik Suraksha Sangathan

new delhi, DL, India |
Joined in December 2011

About Us

To put in place at the very grassroots a localized ,highly proactive & immaculately responsive, “Citizen Intelligence Network (CIN)” to ensure prevention of any terrorist attacks in Delhi & hence contribute effectively at the Citizen response level by putting in place an effective & mature “COMMUNITY POLICING”.

To put in place a localized & highly responsive, “Citzens Active Response Team (CART)”, comprising of dare devil patriotic souls/ individuals who will assist the police ON SITE & its other agencies in case any terrorist attack still happens through the length & breadth of Delhi & NCR (RESPONSE TIME =2 - 3 minutes).

The above module will be set up (as per manpower available or resources volunteered) for each Market area followed by Railway station neighborhoods, Metro neighborhoods, Bus Stands, Schools, Malls, RWAs, Colonies etc.

To put in place a 10 – 20 member CAT (Citizens Audit Team) comprising of responsible, passionate & mature Citizens, who shall operate zonally to assess & audit the existing security measures put in place by the Police & hence suggest necessary improvisations & follow it up till it is implemented appropriately as well ensure its sustenance in the respective area.

Finally, to pursue the deliverance of a considerate & sustainable Rehabilitation Programme for the victims which is automatically initiated and door delivered without them being further harassed or victimized by the system.

1.Name :Jagruk Nagrik Suraksha Sanghatan (JNSS)

2.Address : 1663, 2nd Floor, Gali No. 35, Naiwala, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005

3.Aims and objectives :-

The main objectives of theSanghatan are:- help rehabilitate the people effected by terrorist activities/bomb blasts in the past as also to monitor the status from to time to ensure sustainable rehabilitation; help rehabilitate the people effected by various forms of crime / criminal activities as also to help them seek justice; provide requisite assistance to the people effected by various forms of oppression /injustice & hence to help protect the victims from further intimidation. help rehabilitate victims of Rape & to help them get justice as also to protect them from further humiliation, harassment & intimidation and hence to restore dignity to the distraught life. advocate the implementation of strict punishments for such heinous crime as rape & together in coordination with other governmental & non-governmental women empowerment groups & associations, to ensure that the system does not let the rapist go scot free. hold, conduct and actively participate inanti-terrorism seminars & awareness campaigns in Indiaand abroad to highlight, debate and assess the efforts put in by the police & other government security agencies to prevent further terror attacks & hence to forward necessary recommendations / suggestions to them & hence to monitor further that the same has been implemented within a requisite time with a sense of urgency to ensure a safety & security to the masses at large. honor the honest officers/individuals holding key position in public offices/bureaucracy in spite of political or other pressures & hence to give them due recognition which may inturn prompt others to either give up dishonest tactics or encourage them to adopt honest policies while dispensing their duties in various public offices on a day to day basis.

8.the society shall be a voluntary, non-political, not profit and secular social organization which will work for the welfare of the people throughoutIndiaand/or abroad; to preserve national unity and solidarity and to promote the feelings of fellowship and brotherhood and to advocate “Nationalism above all i.e. Rashtriyata Sarvopari ” and to assist the authorities concerned, to safeguard and protect democracy, freedom, secularism and national integrity; identify & vigorously oppose anti-national and anti-social forces at alllevels & also to help the government, the law enforcement agencies & the courts to wean out these dangerous elements from the society to make the life of every Indian citizen safe & secure. organize & initiate various progammes at all levels to assist the law & order machinery & other governmental bodies/agencies in establishing peace & tranquility in the society as also to jointly share responsibilities with them to provide a mutual interface for better & effective governance; inculcate the spirit of nationalism through various media partnered projects and hence channelise the energy of the people for social development and progress; provide legal assistance & moral support and undertake any programme for women & the weaker sections of the society in distress, organising and encouraging research in anthropological study of their problems & hence addressing the same strategically to bring about meaningful sustainable all round development. promote & advocate RTI as the most effective tool to promote accountability & to use the same as & when required to help establish a transparent & accountable civil society. promote national and international peace and harmony by creating awareness among the people/masses about various issues affecting mankind; organize social, intellectual and cultural activities & hold programmes like nukkad nataks, open jan sabhas, to promote ethical & moral values within the various stratas of the society & to spread overall awareness on rights & duties as a citizen of this country.

To put in place at the very grassroots a localized ,highly proactive & immaculately responsive, “Citizen Intelligence Network (CIN)” to ensure prevention of any terrorist attacks in Delhi & hence contribute effectively at the…

Issue Areas Include

  • Education
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Job & Workplace
  • Legal Assistance
  • Women


  • 61-c ,2nd floor , kalusarai
    new delhi, DL 110005

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