War Child

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About Us

War Child is an international child protection agency that works with the most marginalised children – child soldiers, street kids and children in prison – in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

War Child believes it is unacceptable that children continue to be victims of war.

66% of people who die in conflict are children. In the last decade alone 1.5 million children have died in wars. Four million have been disabled and a further 10 million traumatised.

War Child are the only international child protection agency in south Iraq and the only international agency working with children in prison in Western Afghanistan. We work where other agencies do not, reaching the most at risk children in the most dangerous war zones.

War Child’s Mission

War Child exists to provide protection for children, who as a result of conflict, have to deal with insecurity, extreme poverty and exclusion.

We provide vital, on the ground support programmes in each of the conflict zones we work in but also lobby politicians and governments to ensure our cause and the rights of children affected by war remains high on the public and political agendas.

This approach allows us to ensure every pound we receive goes as far as possible – not only to the crucial projects in the field, but to ensuring children caught up in conflict, no matter where they may be, have a chance to be protected.

War Child looks forward to a world in which war is not prosecuted on children.