Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church (ECO)

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1801 Lacassie Avenue
Walnut Creek
United States

About Us

We prepare and unleash disciples to transform communities with the love of Jesus.

Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church Values God Honoring in All We DoSpringing from this foundational value, we seek to glorify God and enjoy Him as an act of worship in all we do. Because of this, we are continually:

Shaped by God's Word and SpiritScripture is formational. The Word and the Spirit work in tandem with one another, actively transforming and shaping us.

Full of Grace and TruthIn all of our interactions we seek to emulate the way Jesus lived, in the fullness of God's grace and truth.

Sharing the Journey of Life TogetherWe are commanded to live connected lives as believers practicing love for one another. We respect the fact that we are all at different points in our spiritual journey.

Cultivating Full-Life Followers of JesusWe desire to create an environment that fosters our becoming more like Jesus by practicing a rhythm of worship and witness. We desire to follow Jesus as whole persons in the whole of life.

Missionaries Right Where We AreWe believe we have all been sent to bring the Gospel and God's compassion and justice wherever God places us, whether it be in our homes, neighborhoods, work places, or around the world.