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About Us

At Live Climate, we believe a carbon offset can do much more than fight climate change; it can help improve the lives of communities around the world. At Live Climate, customers get to choose specific developing country projects from which to offset their carbon footprint. These projects do more than just reduce carbon in the atmosphere. They have direct social and environmental benefits to the low-income communities that invested in the project. Live Climate’s mission is to get more people to offset their carbon footprint from projects in developing communities, and in the process, help these projects earn a higher return on each ton of carbon they sell.

Live Climate's Mission:

1. Educate developed country consumers about their own carbon footprint and the potential of carbon reduction projects to address poverty and environmental degradation around the world. 2. Increase demand for community-based carbon reduction projects from developing countries through the operation of a direct online sales channel. 3. Help community-based carbon reduction projects earn a higher return on each ton sold by marketing the social co-benefits of their projects.