Encompass, The Daniel Braden Reconciliation Trust



United Kingdom

About Us

Encompass is a UK-based charity that works to bring personal understanding to global conflicts and issues.

Encompass was founded in response to Dan Braden’s death in the 2002 Bali terrorist bombings – a senseless act that took the lives of ordinary people from around the world. Wanting to create something positive from this tragedy, the Braden family set up Encompass to help young people find personal understanding in global conflicts and issues.

Encompass runs programs which take diverse groups of young people (from Indonesia, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, the UK, and the US) out of environments familiar to them and puts them in challenging new ones - environments where they need to work together to achieve shared objectives. As they do this, they learn to trust each other, and with this trust comes the confidence to talk about the issues at hand: stereotypes, identity, conflict. As the participants learn about each other's cultures and beliefs, Encompass is there to support them in developing a global alumni network committed to the ideals of cultural understanding, tolerance and citizenship.