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About Us

In 1966, Durham citizens ignited a grassroots campaign to protect the Eno from being turned into a reservoir and its banks developed for industry. Their tireless efforts resulted in preserving the Eno as a free-flowing stream and establishing Eno River State Park.

Today, over a half million people hike, paddle, swim, picnic, and enjoy other pastimes in the five city, state, and regional parks the Eno River Association has helped create. Now a professionally-staffed, nationally-accredited land trust, the Association is supported by more than a thousand members and hundreds of volunteers who contribute time, energy and financial resources to acquire more parkland - and protect land throughout our watershed - for plants, animals, and people like you.

We Make a Commitment
Protecting land is the first step while stewardship is a perpetual responsibility that requires thoughtful planning, year-round implementation, and lots of helping hands. Hundreds of active volunteers are involved in helping us care for sensitive natural areas. From removing invasive species to planting trees and maintaining park trails, Eno River Association volunteers and staff work hand-in-hand to restore habitat, clear trash from the river, and keep local parks accessible and enjoyable.

We Get You Outdoors
We want everyone to love nature as we do, and so we provide opportunities to get hands-on and feet-wet with service learning and curriculum-based education programs, guided hikes, family fun days, and an annual Festival for the Eno, which draws thousands to the banks of the Eno River every July 4th weekend.

We Make it Easy to Get Involved
As our area has grown, the health of our watershed and the Eno’s importance to recreation, drinking water, and wildlife has become paramount. Nearly 2,000 acres remain to be acquired for Eno River State Park, and there are miles of unprotected river corridor and tributaries both up and downstream. The Eno is also the corridor for the NC Mountains-to-Sea Trail. We're working to advance these initiatives, and invite the public's support and participation.