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About Us

As a community building organization we believe that the best investment any country can make is in its human resources; in its people. Our mission is to enable, maintain and promote a healthy physical, emotional, and psychological environment of the unit family and our first responsibility is to the most vulnerable of our community. By targeting one household at a time, the ultimate goal is to improve overall healthy conditions for individuals in poor communities and ultimately to build a healthier country. New Mothers Kit program is just one of the many projects of HVN.

HVN Objectives: 1. Improve the quality of life in rural Uganda 2. Provide enhanced subsidized quality health care 3. Build Capacity for sustained Development. 4. Improve stewardship of the environment. 5. Foster technological transfer. 6. Increase individual and group competitiveness through skills training 7. Improve literacy through enhanced access to information. 8. Improve corroboration among local nonprofit organizations to maximize limited inputs.

HVN Activities Involve: 1. Building water harvesting units to increase access to better, cleaner yet very affordable water and thus render households better prepared to act when the rains fail. 2. Providing antenatal care and training to expecting parents and to donate Start Up Kits to new mothers. 3. Providing primary health care services to as many people in rural communities as we can. 4. Improving the home environment hygiene through trainings, competitions and local fairs. 5. Providing ongoing training for health workers in the field. 6. Work with local leaders and other organizations both non and for profit to build capacity. 7. Operating a learning center and a training institute.

HVN Programs by Coalition Member Specificity are:

A & B Learning Center

  • Public Library/Resource Center
  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Youth Center

Women In Development

  • Water for All and Environmental Stewardship
  • Clinic On Wheels
  • Mothers Start Up Kit
  • Mother-Baby Care and Hygiene

Intercontinental Science Foundation, Inc

  • Technological Transfer
  • Science study, promotion and application
  • Medical Equipments & Health Systems