Put Them First

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About Us

We are a non for profit organisation that exists to promote the Educational Advancement of children living in impoverished areas of the world. It encourages and sources volunteers globally to ensure these children receive a fair and just opportunity scholastically. We exist to help underprivileged children, promoting the well-being of children living in impoverished areas of the world.

We are people who feel passionately about finding great, dedicated people for the good of children who have no chance in life. Everyone involved with these projects have personally worked with these children and they are an incredible inspiration. They want to work hard and be good at what they do, despite the ‘luck’ that life has thrown at them! You cannot help but feel humbled by the resilience and tenacity of these wonderful little kids.

We are currently based in Arequipa,Peru and we always need special people to help us make big differences to the lives of many children here.You could be there in a matter of weeks, teaching in a great but massively underprivileged school, caring for undernourished babies in a childrens’ nursery or assisting in our community library.