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About Us

Videre believes that biblical economic development happens through training indigenous believers in poverty areas to build profitable businesses and to use their businesses for showing the love of Jesus Christ. Videre equips local believers with the perspective to use their businesses as a tool for community development and missions through a three-phase Micro-Business as Mission (Micro-BAM) Program. The three phases focus on 1) teaching biblical business principles, 2) creating viable business plans and Kingdom-impact strategies, and 3) implementing these strategies, often with the help of microfinance. Once participants graduate from the program, they are required to return to teach consecutive classes in their community to do the same. Videre seeks to build and grow Gospel-centered micro-businesses and foster entrepreneurial thinking that will change an economy from a grassroots level.

Entrepreneurial Predisposition

Research and experience shows that only about 10-15% of people have an entrepreneurial predisposition, and that this percentage does not increase with people living in poverty. Although most of the poor in developing nations operate some type of small or micro business, many do so simply for survival but do not have the innate business wiring to drive business development. It is also found that this entrepreneurial bent is not a result of education or literacy, which means that even those who are illiterate can be extremely business-savvy. Because of this, Videre’s strategy is to screen for those who are entrepreneurial and equip them with the skills and the funds to be agents of economic change and job creation in their community.

The Micro-BAM Program

The Micro-BAM Program is essentially a three-phase entrepreneurial screening process that takes between 3-5 months to complete. The program filters potential entrepreneurs through three phases prior to receiving funding. Once these entrepreneurs develop viable business plans, they are provided with micro-loans to implement the plans, and it takes an average of 18 months before the loan is fully repaid, depending on individual loan terms.

Business Discipleship

Videre’s Micro-BAM Program mobilizes two key players to contribute to the program:

1. Short-term business training teams consisting of business professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs go to a Videre program site for a week or more to teach each of the three phases of Videre’s program. The content of the training depends on which phase the participants are in

2. The Program Manager is a local recruited to provide continuity for the program and to administer and monitor loans after the participants graduate. Program Managers must be able to speak English and be business savvy enough to consult and mentor participants concerning their businesses.