Volunteers For Africa Organization- Kenya

About Us

Volunteers for Africa Organization (VFA) was registered in the year 2001 in Kenya under the NGO Coordination Act (1990). VFA operates in Eastern Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Sudan) promoting volunteerism for sustainable development amongst poor and rural communities in the region; implementing development projects; and training communities and partners in development methodologies. Since its inception in 2001, VFA has striven to network people, grassroots organizations and resources within and outside Eastern Africa for sustainable development in the key areas of natural resources conservation, health and social development. VFA is run by a secretariat (Board of Directors) based in Nairobi. VFA implements its programme activities through effective partnership working with community members, groups, organizations and supporters drawn from within Eastern Africa and abroad.

The aim of VFA is empowering and strengthening local institutions and communities’ capacity to eradicate poverty, hunger and disease.

Our mission is to fight poverty and disease in Africa.

VFA works mainly with community based groups and other Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), schools and Government Departments in Eastern Africa assisting them acquire technical, human and financial resources from all parts of the world. It links them with other community groups and organizations, volunteer agencies, local and international volunteers, government agencies, and donors from other parts of the world. This way VFA contributes towards poverty alleviation, promotion of active citizenship through voluntarism, and the overall socio-economic empowerment of grassroots populations in Eastern Africa.