Uplifted Hands

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About Us

Uplifted Hands mission is to inspire, empower, and support youth globally for educational success.

Uplifted Hands is a not-for profit Christian organization aimed to offer high-quality programs and services that offer enrichment, skill building, and guidance for youth. Uplifted Hands focuses on educational projects and strategies designed to expose disadvantaged, impoverished, and vulnerable populations to new technologies.

Through our DREAMS Project, Uplifted Hands works to promote digital and social inclusion of vulnerable populations by stimulating entrepreneurship, strengthen communities, using education and technology to fight poverty, and empower communities to transform their realities.

DREAMS Project (Driven, Resilient, Empowered, And Motivated for Success) is designed to promote the development of healthy lifestyle choices, belief in the future, positive relationships, enhance academic achievement, and increase engagement in civic improvement projects.

This year Uplifted Hands have two goals: supporting impoverished schools through training, coaching and counseling to educational organizations. Secondly, providing mentorship, education, and technological programming to homeless children in the United States.