Scribe Video Center of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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4035 Walnut Street
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About Us

SCRIBE VIDEO CENTER, a non-profit organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, seeks to explore, develop and advance the use of video as an artistic medium and as a tool for progressive social change. "Scribe" is a metaphor for the use of video as a modern medium to record significant contemporary concerns and events.

SCRIBE makes use of video technology to document issues and ideas affecting diverse economic and cultural communities; create media works that comment on the human condition and celebrate cultural diversity. Scribe Video Center facilitates new approaches to visual form and language in an effort to further the aesthetics of video movie making.

To fulfill this mission, Scribe Video Center:

Offers technical instruction for people who wish to expand their media skills or who wish to collaborate with other video artists,

Engages in original video productions as producer, creator and collaborator,

Provides access to equipment,

Collaborates with community based, cultural and social issue organizations provide access and expertise for the creation of video programs which address community interests and concerns,

Serves as host for visiting media artists and maintains communication with a national and international, multi-ethnic roster of video professionals and media organizations,

Fosters international exchanges of video material and technology,

Collaborates with artists, historians and scientists who wish to use video as a medium for scholarly endeavor.

Through these and other programs, Scribe strives to create a wider appreciation understanding of video as a tool for creative expression.