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About Us

To improve the management of natural resources and the promotion of sustainable livelihoods

Vision: To be a leader in evoking people-focused development in India.

Aims and Objects: a) To catalyze, support and strengthen sustainable development; b) To act as a catalyst in promoting economic development and welfare for all, especially the marginalised and weaker sections of the society including women, children, scheduled castes and tribes, disabled, and physically or mentally challenged; d) To promote fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from natural resource conservation, use, and management; e) To create a mechanism for advocacy, legal aid and information services on common causes and issues affecting human future;

JobLinks is a next-generation, socially responsible sustainable venture that will strive to link workers and employers. Our goal is to deliver job data to low-income individuals in the informal labour market that will enable them to make informed choices and rapidly improve the speed and efficiency at which employment vacancies can be filled. Employers will reduce recruitment costs while accessing a greater range of potential applicants and workers will be capable of improving their economic situation and everyday lives.