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About Us

The WSCPA is a professional community of CPAs who work in business and industry, education, government, not-for-profit organizations and public accounting. With more than 9,500 members, the Washington Society of CPAs is the only organization in the State of Washington dedicated to serving the professional needs of CPAs, educating consumers about CPAs and the services they provide, and encouraging students to study accounting and enter the profession.

The mission of the WSCPA is to maximize the value of the CPA profession for members and the public. The CPA profession is essential to the credibility of all financial markets, which depend on the profession’s core values of competence, integrity and objectivity. The Society maximizes the value of the profession in two ways. First, we serve as advocates for members throughout their careers, helping them achieve success for themselves and those they serve. Second, we serve the public’s interests by promoting the highest standards of ethics and integrity.