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123 East 55th Street
New York
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About Us


• We strive to be in word and deed an example of the very best of Jewish values as defined by our tradition and revealed throughout our history:

• Judaism as a living and vibrant force infuses all spiritual, educational and social activities.

• All are welcomed as we reach out to bring Jews to the synagogue.

• Learning is central to everything we do in order that Jews celebrate, embody, and affirm their Jewish identity.

• Every Jew is significant in the process of Jewish survival.

• Jewish institutions and organizations must work together and support each other.


Our mission is to embody and to celebrate the "brit" (covenant) between God and the Jewish people as originally revealed in the Torah and as it has evolved through our history. We are commanded to live as individuals and as a community with sacred purpose, with dedication to the continuity of the Jewish people, and with awareness of God's expectations of us as we pursue tikun olam (repair of the world) and reflect the covenant in our personal and communal life.

The Synagogue will joyfully support and embody these values so that they become integral to the life of its members through:

1) Ritual and observance: to express our relationship with God and connect us to our past and future.

2) Education: to enable the richness of Judaism to speak to us throughout our lives. We believe that everything that happens at Central Synagogue is an opportunity for Jewish learning.

3) Gathering of Community: to bring Jews together in significant and meaningful ways for social, educational, ritual and support purposes.

4) Connecting with and supporting Jews in Israel and around the world: to affirm the reality of C'lal Yisrael, that Jews are all intertwined each with the other.

5) Social Action: to help those in need, to build relationship with other religious, racial, and ethnic groups, and to advocate positions consistent with our values.

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