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About Us

High Country News is a nonprofit 501(c)3 independent media organization that covers the important issues and stories that define the American West. Its mission is to inform and inspire people – through in-depth journalism – to act on behalf of the West's diverse natural and human communities.

High Country News publishes an award-winning magazine, a popular website and a weekly op-ed column service, along with special reports and books. Through in-depth reporting, High Country News covers the American West's public lands, water, natural resources, grazing, wilderness, wildlife, logging, politics, communities, growth and other issues now changing the face of the West. From Alaska and the Northern Rockies to the desert Southwest, from the Great Plains to the West Coast, High Country News’ coverage spans 12 Western states and is the leading source for regional environmental news, analysis and commentary -- an essential resource for those who care about this region.

Our print and online magazine has more than 30,000 subscribers, including policymakers, educators, public land managers, environmental professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and thousands of other “people who care about the West.” Our website attracts over 330,000 visitors each month, and our online archives are unusually deep, from the first issue in 1970 to today.

High Country News’ commitment to environmental stewardship, diversity and social responsibility gives an added resonance to our unique Western voice, through journalism that goes well beyond what other journalists do. We strive to inspire and engage readers to expand their own perspectives and accept the challenge of new stories and new ideas. As we increasingly embrace diversity in our organization, our journalistic work does a better job of representing a society that is home to many viewpoints. Only by doing so can we fulfill our mission and ensure that High Country News remains a relevant, engaging publication that is essential to all who care about the West.