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About Us

Fact Uganda is a community based none profit making organisation whose vision is transforming the lives of Vulnurable children. we are fully registred and operating in 2 districts of Uganda, our Mission is: Work for improved quality of life and preservation of the dignity and respect of disadvantaged children, youth women, and older persons in Uganda. This to be through a portfolio which include food security, basic health, basic and vocation skill Education, Economic Development, volunteerism and community services.

-Advocacy and awareness creation on children, youth, women ageing issues as well as on needs and contributions of children, youth older persons in our communities.

Resource mobilization for the benefit of vulnerable groups.

- Identifying local initiatives groups working with children, youth, women etc

- identifying a need and solution to the need.

Todate Fact has the following: a Vocational training centre, a pre-school, a rehabilitation home, a Brass band Project with over 80 youths, a pblic library, . we have also aquired land and looking for a hand to help us settle our activities and children.