Halo Medical Foundation

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About Us

HALO Medical Foundation (HMF) is the conceptualization of a dream among a group of socially aware medical students and practitioners who wanted to change health perceptions and improve the delivery of basic health services at the grassroots level. It is not just another NGO, but a commitment to create happiness on the face of the villager who had previously been neglected medical services. Our village health workers, or Bharat Vaidyas, work in over 70 villages in Maharashtra. In order to improve rural health and mitigate poverty, we have established projects in health, education, microfinance, agriculture, domestic violence, and others. Therefore, our work looks:

1.To create and reorient social awareness in medical professional and paramedics especially among the young generation, giving it a mandate to undertake

  • medico-social activities in rural and backward areas
  • medical services to victims in emergency cases, epidemics, accidents etc.
  • training and exposure visits for medicos and paramedics.

2. To create and reorient health awareness in society, to promote their health and hygiene (including both preventive and curative treatments). This gives HMF the mandate to conduct

  • health awareness in the society
  • programs that propagate preventive practices and provide services
  • seminars, conferences, and workshops for the same purpose.

3. To provide medical and related services to society. Thus, HMF has the mandate to

  • run hospitals, dispensaries, clinics and the like to provide medical services
  • run health centers
  • provide preventive health care strategies while addressing curative needs
  • provide rehabilitative services to physically and mentally handicapped individuals.

4. To undertake research and education in the field of medicine. Thus, HMF can

  • undertake research and educational work pertaining to relevant health issues in society
  • publish papers
  • run research and educational institutions.

For more information, check out our website at: www.halomedicalfoundation.org