Save the Children, US Programs

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About Us

Save the Children’s work in the United States has focused on our most underserved rural communities, providing early childhood, literacy, and nutrition and physical activity programs for children in 14 states as well working with high risk states on disaster risk reduction and preparedness plans. Acting as grantor, content provider and an ongoing source of technical support, Save the Children focuses on building strategic government and community partnerships to yield scalable, replicable, accountable model sites.

Our goal is to build the capacity of local schools and community-based organizations in rural America to provide high quality early childhood development services for children from birth to five, as well as literacy and nutrition and physical activity programs for children from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Our model program approach benefits children by providing highly trained staff, new age-appropriate books, safe equipment, healthy snacks, structured physical activity, software and technology resources and structured program content to help children become stronger readers and adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Through our programs, Save the Children is providing the youngest children with a strong foundation for learning and school-aged children with the skills they need to succeed academically and live healthy, active and productive lives.