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African megafauna are in deep crisis. It is estimated that an African elephant is killed for its ivory every 14 minutes. An African rhino dies for its horn every eight hours. At last count, there are fewer than 370,000 elephants and 18,000 rhinos left in the wild in Africa, a huge decline in the last decade.

These iconic animals, as well as many more critically endangered species such as lions and pangolins, are targeted by international criminal networks for their highly lucrative body parts. If the slaughter is permitted to continue at present rates, these species will be extinct within a generation.

Wildlife trafficking threatens global ecosystems and the geopolitical stability of the African continent. Smuggling operations are elaborate and abetted by corruption. Profits accrued by the illicit sale of ivory and rhino horn are in the billions, funding criminal syndicates and threatening national and international security. Some profits from the sale of ivory from poached elephants are used to fund terrorist groups.

The chain of criminality and corruption that is killing these animals will also kill civil society and civilizations. Only the power and will of enlightened governments can break this chain.

Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions is an all-volunteer international organization that advocates for the survival of elephants, rhinos and other keystone species by working to end poaching and the wildlife trade. Our strategies include public marches and protests, lobbying world leaders to take action to ban ivory and rhino horn trade, and supporting other groups worldwide that are taking action to save these magnificent species from extinction in the wild.

Our signature annual event is the global march when more than 140 cities around the world march with one voice to demand an end to the trade in ivory, rhino horn and lion bone. 

We are seeking volunteers to help advocate, educate, and work with governments - individuals who are passionate about helping put an end to all wildlife trafficking.