The Greens

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About Us

The Greens is an association of youth-green fingers. It is a non-governmental, non – sectarian, apolitical association of youth environmental activists aimed at painting the World green. It comprises of youths of both sexes and different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Born on January 1st 2010 and like a stream in its youthful age, The Greens aim at eroding the causes and effects of global environmental hazards and depositing new ideas that combat environmental hazards, climate change, food insecurity, alleviate poverty, conserve and restore biodiversity, solve the problem of land scarcity and land degradation, and foster a sustainable environment.

The Greens connects, inspires and collaborates with young change-makers to build thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all. We strive to uproot environmental injustices through action and education; thus drawing inspiration from the color green, our ultimate goal is to paint the World green.

  • Painting the World green:
  • Pedals us out of poverty.
  • 100% guarantees food security.
  • Combats climate change
  • Solves the problem of land degradation and land scarcity
  • Restores a lot of lost culture.
  • Paints our dreams and desires come true.
  • Bids farewell to Malaria and other diseases thus welcomes good health which is wealth.

Green goes Gold. Green goes good life. Green goes a better tomorrow.