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About Us

Engaging men in family planning decisions improves contraceptive use and increases gender equality. Yet:

  • Men have yet to be included in family planning programs
  • Men are only responsible for 21% of contraceptive use worldwide - condoms, withdrawal and vasectomies

The largest male-oriented family planning event in history, World Vasectomy Day (WVD) began in 2013 to engage men in the broader conversation by raising awareness of vasectomies, dispelling myths and challenging harmful gender norms. By creating a positive disruption in the world of family planning, WVD seeks to reframe the narrative of male involvement and create a positive space for men to contribute and support their partners. WVD provides a unique opportunity for men of all races, religions and nationalities to come together to shoulder the burden of contraception.

Tens of thousands of vasectomies have been made available in 50 countries around the world over the last four years. But the day is also a culmination of months of advocacy and community engagement, beginning a conversation within a household that is not constrained by a 24-hour window. By working with active and engaged members of government, grassroots organizations and family planning stakeholders, WVD encourages men to join in one of the most important conversations in modern day. 


It is a social media communications project that unites men, vasectomy providers and health care activists in a mission to increase men’s participation in family planning.

It is the vasectomy-provider community linked by a list-serve, where doctors share practical information and successful solutions to common challenges.

It is a once-a-year ‘vasectomy-thon’ in which vasectomy providers throughout the world provide high quality vasectomies to men whose families are complete.

It is a live-stream program that is shared across multiple time zones with Skype contributions from men getting vasectomies, vasectomy providers, leaders in family planning, contributions from wives, partners and mothers as well as documentaries and animations produced over the year.

It is an opportunity to educate men and women about a variety of family planning options.

It is a two-week event that is produced from our rotating headquarters where we work with local providers and health care providers to build sustainable vasectomy programs.

It is a year round effort that builds awareness through communication and community, through collective effort by creating strategic alliances with Ministries of Health, Family Planning organizations and conscientious individuals.

It is an ongoing movement that harnesses the best in men to build fairer, more respectful and kinder gender relations.

It is the largest male-oriented family planning event in history