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Who We Are

Hands of Good Samaritan International (HAGOSI)

is a voluntary organization of volunteers of all ages united together to pursue common interests to change the lives of vulnerable children, addicted youth, street kids, the elderly, and surrounding communities.

Objective To improve in the creativity and productivity of Christian youth to be the likeness of Jesus Christ both at home, the church, and in the local community of Uganda through the following objectives:

1. Promoting church ministry and evangelical missions through networking with churches in the local and external regions.

2. Equipping youth with entrepreneurial skills and apprenticeship in the hopes of reducing poverty in the local community.

3. Implementing programs that improve the quality of life with orphaned children, people who are vulnerable to traffickers, women, and impoverished people in the community.

4. Improving community hygiene, sanitation, and access to safe drinking water.

5. Establishing health care programs aimed to improve the health of communities, as well as, people living with HIV/AIDS, children, and pregnant mothers.

6. Helping youth identify and develop untapped talents to serve God and mankind through Christian discipleship training.

7. Working with individuals, families, groups, churches, associations, foundations, and organizations to further the objectives and vision of HAGOSI.

8. Helping communities have advocacy programs.

9. Promoting environmental conversations in communities.

Hands of Good Samaritan International



HAGOSI was founded as a non–profit organization after the realization of the experiences of poverty, diseases, wars, and natural disasters in the country of Uganda.

It is dedicated to working with children, addicted youth, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.

The children are vulnerable as a result of being a school dropout, orphaned, neglected, abandoned, or simply living in acute poverty. Some have also been affected by HIV/Aids.


To be a generation of creative, productive, and self-reliant young people who use, protect, and conserve their Christian values in life and community for the future generations”.

Mission To enhance the participation of vulnerable communities in socio economic and spiritual transformation improving the standards of life as God enables by his grace. The mission is also to create long lasting solutions in family poverty, holding on to Christian values and living exemplary Christ-like lifestyles so that every person lives life in the fullness of Christ.

Motto “Arise to shine for a better future.” We exist to restore hope and give a future to the vulnerability of children, orphans, and women through programs offered with HAGOSI aimed at transforming lives holistically.


a) Active participation and commitment to service and preaching the holistic gospel of Jesus Christ.

b) Consistency and resilience

c) Cooperation and Partnership

d) Integrity and Honesty

e) Respect and Empathy

f) Transparency & Accountability

g) Unity & Inclusiveness

h) Professionalism

Hands of Good Samaritan International


We offer several opportunities for people around the world to join us through short term mission trips. Our trips are focused on Ministry listed below

1. Church Ministry & Evangelism (CME)

2. Child Empowerment Program (CEP)

3. Education

4. Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

5. Women Development Program (WDP)

6. Water Development Program (WDP)

7. Environmental Conservation (EC)

8. Health Education Program (HEP)

In all the areas Mentioned above we trust God to bring right people to work with us and share all their knowledge with us at any time.

In order to help us reach more communities we need short -term volunteers, whether you have a particular skill or teaching ,Open air crusades , sports ministry , family counselling, technical knowledge, training in any field, clean water conversation ,etc we look forward of serving with you!

You are special to us and we are more happy to have you join us.

please contact us if you would like more information. or

office +256781988111/ whatapps +256759827072

If you have any help for this program or volunteer with us one week OR 2 weeks , one month or three month ,six month or one year please Contact our corresponding team for any question and answers about our ministry.

God bless you all as we expand the kingdom of God to all parts of the world with our talents God has given to us.

Who We Are

Hands of Good Samaritan International (HAGOSI)

is a voluntary organization of volunteers of all ages united together to pursue common interests to change the lives of vulnerable children, addicted youth, street kids, the elderly…

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Location & Contact

  • +256781988111
  • Dokolo, City soroti, None Zip Code256, Uganda 616 soroti Uganda, Office line call direct +256781988111 ,

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