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About Us

Hands of Good Samaritan international  (HGS-Inc) is a Community - Based Organization (CBO) based in Gweri Soroti District in Gweri sub -county in Eastern Uganda, 120.15 miles from Kampala. It occupies a land area of 2662kmsq, has an estimated population of 193,300 people, 52% of whom are Vulnerable Children and Orphans in gweri sub county Soroti  district which  is one of the most disadvantaged as wars; insurgency, extensive cattle rustling and unfavorable weather. Nearly one third of the district population was living as internally displaced persons (IDPs) in temporary camps for over 20 years. The levels of poverty are high, famine and food shortages are chronic. Women, children, youth and disabled persons are the most marginalized and most needy. Both Government and NGOs have tried to address the plight of the people but have focused mainly on provision of relief food and non-food items.  But little efforts have been put to address the rehabilitation and development needs of these communities.

Hands of good Samaritan international  focuses on Vulnerable Children as the most marginalized groups in the society. A situation analysis carried out by in 2015 showed that Children encounter a number of problems in their day-to-day activities and life. Most HGS INC navigable were; gross violation of rights; heavy workload; limited access to education services, control and ownership of basic productive resources and benefits (land, capital); in accessibility to credit and extension services; inequitable sharing of benefits; limited agricultural and business skills/opportunities.  therefore seeks to help the children to not only advocate and lobby for their rights but also improve their livelihoods through provision of education  .our mandate  is to help and support disadvantaged children, sustain livelihoods and human rights for the most vulnerable members of the community. The vulnerable children may be orphaned, neglected, school dropouts, abandoned or simply living in acute poverty and are frequently affected by the ravages of HIV/AIDS.

we welcome friends to join us  in this struggle to change many life's  people around uganda and many parts around the world where needs arises