Stratford Ecological Center

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3083 Liberty Rd.
United States

About Us

We are a non-profit organic farm and environmental education center. We offer school field trips, adult education programs, public visitation and tours, internships, and annual events. We seek to connect people to the sources of their food through experiences on the farm and though our appreciation-based learning programs. We also seek to model sustainable agriculture practices that can be replicated in other gardens and farms. Additionally, we support our local food bank through fresh produce donations. We actively participate in coallitions that seek to expand environmental education and get kids to play outside. Our internships offer extended learning opportunities in environmental education and sustainable agriculture. Volunteer opportunities allow community members to participate in the running of the farm and education programs. We are certified organic and thus promote organic agriculture. Additionally, we work to promote local eating and sell our produce and meat on site. We have acted as resources for those wishing to create school and community gardens.