LEAP4change (Leaders, Educated, Accountable, and Partnered 4 change)

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About Us

WHAT IS LEAP4change? 

LEAP4change (Leaders Educated, Accountable and Partnered 4 change) is a youth leadership coaching program designed to affect real change today while building the leaders of tomorrow. LEAP coaches students to embody emotional intelligence and critical leadership skills inspired by 4 diverse, collaborative partners.

Students are trained to lead, build a team, become an entrepreneur, and brand and market their own portfolio. They simultaneously break down barriers in their communities, develop social impact programs, and gain access to higher education and job opportunities. 


Through collaborative partnership and individual empowerment, LEAP teams create local and global impact in seven areas of interest: Education, Health / Wellness, Business Development, Environment, Arts, Sports and Social Justice. LEAP coaches transform raw human potential into potent leadership, which is then leveraged to access higher education and job opportunities.

LEAP is a paradigm shift that exists to reform the current system of handouts between affluent and non affluent communities, to a system of diverse partnerships that empower every individual to see him/herself as a part of the solutions to today's issues, regardless of circumstance.


Whether you’re a student or coach, a consultant or counselor, a sponsor or partner, LEAP4change offers ways for people from diverse backgrounds to lead effectively and create real global impact. When it comes to leading change in today’s world, “we” is the new “me.”