Cattails Feline Rescue

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About Us

Cattails Feline Rescue was started in July of 2006 by Dr. Gretchen Reid and the staff at Champaign County Animal Services. Upon opening the facility in July of 2005, we saw a tremendous need to help the stray cats in our community.

As a government agency, we are required by law to hold all stray animals for a period of 7 days with the hope that their owners will reclaim them. However, the sad fact is that less than 10% of all cats admitted to our facility are ever reclaimed. This leaves countless cats and kittens with no homes!

In most animal control facilities, these cats would be euthanized because there would be nowhere for them to go...But we saw another alternative: setting up a rescue group to save as many adoptable cats and kittens as possible!

All funds generated through adoptions go right back into our program to help other cats in need of homes. By adopting your new cat/kitten from us you have truly saved lives, that of your new pet and countless others!