Urban Study Group (Dhaka)

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2/F, House 29, Road 1, Dhanmondi


About Us

The purpose of the Urban Study Group is to protect the historical urban fabric of Puran (Old) Dhaka. As a non-profit volunteer run organisation it forms viable design and restoration solutions for remaining historic enclaves in the city. Not only does it provide these physical proposals but it also seeks to promote the benefits and fight the cause of protecting Dhaka's last pieces of physical urban heritage.

There is also a third string to the work of USG that is beginning to emerge, that of safeguarding the livelihoods of those who earn their living in this historic quarter. This is yet another failing of developers and something that further encourages the organisation to intervene in the carnage currently ensuing.

Puran Dhaka is currently undergoing a development frenzy but with virtually no enforced government regulations, private investment and the free will of developers, havoc is beginning to be wreaked. Blocks of flats are being erected with little regard for neighbouring plots let alone the one on which they are being built. On every street the results of eschewed development regulations scar the landscape.

USG fights to halt and repair some of this damage.