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About Us

Poligon Education Fund (Poligon) is a national, non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing Muslim American participation on Capitol Hill. Guided by values of peace, justice, and pluralism, wseek to amplify Muslim American voices in Congress through training, research, and education. At the same time, we aim to educate policymakers and make meaningful progress on issues of concern to Muslims and other marginalized communities such as civil rights, Islamophobia, and the economy.

The formation of Poligon comes at a time when anti-Muslim sentiment in the public and private spheres has reached its highest levels since 9/11Consequences of Islamophobia include bullying in schools by both teachers and peers, public harassment of men and women perceived to be Muslim, and a travel ban barring Muslims from entering the U.S. Anti-shariah legislation, passed and pending in states around the country, is threatening to eliminate fundamental rights of Muslims to pray, fast, and give charity as prescribed by their faith.This is certainly not an environment that espouses our constitutionally protected principles of freedom and liberty for all. 

Why Poligon is Needed NOW:

It is no coincidence that U.S. public opinion of Muslims and Islam is at an all time low when our community is also the least likely faith group to be politically engaged. While Muslims made great strides in get out the vote campaigns during the 2016 Presidential election, they are still largely absent in sustained Congressional engagement as well as national faith-based peace and justice coalitions, creating missed opportunities that not only affect our community, but also impede pluralism and limit our individual and collective power. 

Poligon is a non-profit, non-partisan institution which aims to work with Congress, the Administration, and the public to help shape an America where all people, regardless of background, are treated with justice and dignity and can live together in peace and security. Learn about our issues and support our work.