Concerned Action For Health

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About Us

Concerned Action For Health (CAFH) is a CBO founded in 2005 with the aim of addressing the poor state of health services in northern Uganda. CAFH formerly started work from Pajule and Lapul sub counties in Pader District and later expanded its services to Palaro Sub County in Gulu District.

It also works toward promoting positive public health practices, socio-economic livelihoods of the people, protecting water and environment and striving to bring equality between Men and Women.

CAFH is registered under Gulu District Local Government 2008 (Registration number CDR 1949) and in Pader District local government and Pader NGO Forum 2006 (Registration number 065). 

3.2 Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives

3.2.1 Vision; CAFH envision an empowered and inspired society enjoying full health and basic rights.

3.2.2 Mission; to provide access to health services, livelihoods, while protecting the environment.

3.2.3 Goal; to create conducive environment for sustainable Health and socio-economic development.

3.2.4 Objectives; The objectives for which the organization is formed include;

a)     To provide quality health information services and promote health seeking behaviors in the community 

b)     Ensure safe water for use and promote hygienic sanitary behavior in the community.

c)      To improve on the socio-economic livelihoods and welfare of the community

d)     To provide quality psychosocial support, and rehabilitations interventions.